Before Gavin was born my husband I decided that were going to limit his screen time before he was 2 years old.  And by limited screen time I mean next to nothing.  We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy feat, but we strongly believed that interaction was key in raising a child.  Then Gavin got a little older and decided that it wasn’t enough to calmly sit in the buggy and be pushed when we went grocery shopping.

He wanted to be out of the buggy, plain and simple.  Which did not match my plan of “get the food and leave”.  It was a rough couple of months.  And I mean rough.  I refused to give in to giving Gavin my phone, but those other kids looked so sedated calm.  And at the time that was all I was asking for.  Not to be juggling a screaming/crying/whining 1.5 year old with a glass bottle of coconut oil (which if you haven’t discovered, you definitely need to.  I think the only thing it can’t do is bring about world peace).

After one particularly terrible day and reading a bunch of different blogs whose best advice was “just let them watch an educational show on your phone,” it hit me.  Why am I fighting this?  There are wars and there are battles, and I was making a battle into a war.  You want to be out of the buggy?  Fine!  You want to eat an apple in store? Fine!  Just don’t tell Daddy, because we all know he won’t approve, but mommy’s cooler anyways ;). Point being – my little toddler was over the baby stage of being buckled in a buggy and pushed around a grocery store. Cue the waterworks!

He wanted to walk around the store, pick out grocery items, and chuck (because we all know there’s nothing better then smashing eggs) them in the buggy.  And so the next grocery trip, I let him.  I let him pick up a bag of banana chips, and watched him struggle (not long, I’m not a monster, sheesh) with picking up a plastic bottle of juice.  I taught him how there’s a difference between the green bell peppers and the orange bell peppers and had him help me chuck it in the buggy.  And you know what?  It was the best grocery trip of my life.  I won the battle, and he got batman stickers after because he’s such an awesome kid.


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